Your Own Personalized Tv in Just Few Clicks

An Innovative Idea to add
Value to your Business
And to Surprise your Customers

A delight for your Customers

Suppose for a moment...

To have a personalized tv in your business, with exciting landscapes images, with interesting videos that entertain the waiting clients, with your business logo conspicuously placed on the screen. You also have the most important breaking news that flow down as in the most important newscasts.

TuaTv is a new revolutionary method that allows all types of entrepreneurs to emphasize to their business in an easy, immediate, and low-cost manner.

In a few easy steps, your business will be able to become a real television station tailored to a specific audience.

You can personalize Your Tv as you wish

A new and effective marketing strategy

A magnet that draws customers to your business

You promote your company by making the most of your personalized Tv and by transforming your business activity into a magnet that draws customers and generates more revenues.

More visibility and More Revenues

Thanks to our advertisement network you will be also considered by other companies (non- competitive) and you will acquire new clients.

Above the Competition

You will lift your company above the competition because you will understand the potentiality of personalized tv, while other people will continue to use outdated, ineffective and money wasting technologies.


Entertain your audience with photos, videos, and breaking news.

A news organization at your disposal

TuaTv is a personalized Tv service that will allow you to have inside your company a news organization.

What does it mean? 

It means that you will automatically receive all the most relevant breaking news and music. Your clients will be satisfied for the service because it will entertain them without getting them bored. Your business logo placed on the screen will improve the customers’ trust to your company.

Even you will also be able to get results like these.

“Il Forno” Bakery

“Hotel Poggio”

4 stars Hotel

"Giornale Radio"

Television channel

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