A brief taste of our history

We are a working group with a single goal...

Provide you an easy-to-use tool, that in a few clicks it will emphasise your business, entertain your clients and beat the competition.

So, who we are?

We are not only a group of eleven experts in radio and television broadcasting, IT engineering, and graphical architecture, yet we are a family...

That, after 687 days of hard work, it has launched the first new personalized tv in Italy that will broadcast in real time global news and your personal information. This new technology establishes a new communication era.

TuaTv proposal is as easy as ABC. 

You can create your personalized tv to promote your activity and communicate what you want live and online.

You can show Special offers - Events that you organize – you can broadcast promotional videos ad send messages that will go straight in your customers eyes.

The millionaires’ opinion

Communication future will be dominated by videos.

The five most important multi-millionaires of 2020 confirmed that videos are and will be the most favourite customers’ kind of content.

Tuatv foresaw the future, it has collected in one software all the crucial tools that let you to reach this new communication area where people are getting more and more into videos.

We are a benefit corporation

BMP is a benefit corporation. Our goal is to valorise your business and make your customers more satisfied and loyal to your firm. BMP focuses to provide visibility to local excellences and evolves them in this new communication era where capturing attention is the most important aspect.

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